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What Are Cantaritos?

Here at Huarache Azteca, every Monday through Friday from 2pm to 6pm, we have happy hour! One of the local favorites during our happy hour is our cantaritos. If you have never tried cantaritos before, you have to drop in and see us during happy hour and try one for the first time – we guarantee that you’ll love it!

What Are Cantaritos?

There is nothing more refreshing than a cold cantarito after a long day, but what exactly goes into a cantarito? Cantaritos (also known as cantaritos locos or jarritos) are a citrus based drink made up of fresh grapefruit juice, fresh orange juice, and fresh lime juice mixed with grapefruit soda and tequila! Once these ingredients are mixed well, the drink is poured over crushed ice and decorated with pineapple, orange, and grapefruit segments.

Cantaritos are one of the most refreshing drink options on a hot and humid day which is probably part of why they are such a favorite here at Huarache Azteca!

Where Do Cantaritos Come From?

The Cantarito comes from Jalisco, Mexico and is often thought of as the forefather of the Paloma – a similar drink made with grapefruit juice, lime juice, club soda, sugar, a grapefruit wedge and tequila.

Order this Mexican favorite when you’re down in Mexico and you’ll get it served in a jar made from clay which is also known as a “cántaro.” (Yes, this is how the drink got its name!)

If you want to try your hand at making your own cantaritos, you’ll always get a better cocktail when using a better quality tequila – we recommend Hornitos Plata! What truly makes a cantarito great, though, is the clay cup that it comes in – you just can’t have a cantarito without a clay cup!

Over the years plenty of people have added their own touch to the cantarito adding ingredients like white pepper to give it a little kick!

What Goes Best with Cantaritos?

Technically because cantaritos are made with a nice blend of citrus juices, they can be paired with virtually anything on our menu!

If this is your first time eating while drinking cantaritos, we recommend starting off with tacos. You just can’t beat delicious hard shell tacos with an ice cold citrus infused cantarito on the side.

Thinking of going with seafood? The Cantarito pairs perfectly with grilled seafood or raw fish.

If you’re not starving and just want something small to nibble on while you drink your cantarito, always pick the chips and fresh guacamole – you won’t regret this delicious combo!

Got a bit of a sweet tooth? Cantaritos pair very well chocolate, whether it’s dark or milk chocolate, you’ll LOVE this pairing.

If you are making these drinks at home, try something with a little Mexican flair and you just can’t go wrong!

There really is very little that the cantarito doesn’t mix well with, so if you’re feeling adventurous get creative and see what combinations you can come up with!

Cantaritos Recipe

Feel like making your own cantaritos? Heres a recipe to get you started!


Lime juice (½ ounce)

Orange juice (½ ounce)

Lemon juice (½ ounce)

Grapefruit juice (4 ounces)

Club Soda (Fill to the top)

Tequila (1 ½ ounce)

Lemon, lime, orange wedge, or grapefruit pieces for garnish

Chile powder or salt for rimming your cup

· If you have a clay cup definitely go with that, otherwise take your cocktail glass and rim the lip of the glass in lime juice so that your salt or chile powder will stick.

· Now dip the rim of your glass in the salt or chile powder (your choice).

· Fill your glass with ice being sure not to wipe away the rim on your glass.

· Next, add your juices and tequila into your cocktail shaker to mix.

· Now strain your mixed drink as you pour it over the ice in your glass.

· Fill the rest of the glass with the club soda.

· Garnish your glass with the cut citrus wedges

Prefer to Have someone Else Make Your Cantaritos?

If you live in or are visiting Dunedin and feel like grabbing a delicious cool beverage, come by and see us at 2020 Bayshore Blvd, Dunedin!

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